Magellass Corp. (Shareware)

WinBoost is an application designed to enhance the performance of Windows and increase productivity. This utility has a user-friendly interface that lets users configure numerous settings in Windows, such as the Windows Explorer, Desktop, Internet Explorer, and the Start Menu, among others. It also provides users with hundreds of helpful tips and tricks for using Windows to increase productivity. With this utility, users will be able to speed up their Internet connection, rename Start Menu items, optimize their multimedia programs, increase their DVD-ROM’s writing speed, remove arrows from shortcut icons, and accomplish many other Windows-based tasks.

Upon launching the program, users can set the parameters of the computer’s Start Up menu. Users can choose to rename, show, and hide menus, speed up the startup process, and even disable the shutdown command. They can also select the settings for Windows Explorer, such as creating shortcuts and hiding drives. If users would like to apply special settings to Internet Explorer and the Desktop, they may do so as well. Users can revert the changes should they be unhappy with the changes they made, and start again. A password protect feature lets users restrict access to WinBoost to prevent others from changing their Windows settings and preferences.