Stecksoft (Freeware)

WinBiff is an application used for keeping out spam from the user's email. The program typically informs the user if spam is detected on an email. The program also acts as a mail notifier, alerting the user of any new mail received. The user can assign different sounds for different contacts so he will be able to determine who sent him an email even without opening his inbox.

WinBiff normally works with email programs that are installed on the desktop. These include Outlook and Outlook Express. If it is installed, it can filter spam and delete them automatically. If it does not detect Internet connection, the program can contact the server for the user. It can also display emails as headers or even give a preview of the attachments. The application allows the use of multiple email addresses. When the user selects the program, it automatically launches the mail reader, which is used to read emails from multiple accounts. Users can set the reader to remove emails that have already been opened. This will not delete the emails from the user’s email program.  

WinBiff can be customized with different colors, and can also be set to stay on top of other active windows.