Wilson WindowWare, Inc. (Shareware)

WinBatch is a utility developed by Wilson WindowWare, Inc. for devices running on Windows operating systems. This utility consists of different codes that are consolidated to create a particular type of scripting language that improves the function and performance of computers running on a Microsoft Windows platform. A scripting language basically provides all of the support that is needed for a particular program or application to run as smoothly as possible.

WinBatch is a program that comes equipped not only with an adequate scripting language but also with a code editor and a language interpreter. It also comes complete with a compiler and dialog developer. The former allows the application to be used for creating executable files that are self-contained. These are the types of files that carry the .exe extension and are known to perform various tasks on the system by means of specifically-encoded instructions or perimeters.

Although this particular application comes already installed with various Windows systems, there are regular updates that are needed by the computer system for it to continue functioning properly. These updates can be found online and are available for a minimal fee. The scripts can be downloaded as single add-ons but they can also be downloaded with additional system tools.