WinAVI iPod/3GP/MP4/PSP Converter 4.3.2

ZJMedia Digital Technology Ltd. (Shareware)

WinAVI iPod/3GP/MP4/PSP Converter is a video conversion tool developed by ZJMedia Digital Technology and released in December 2011. This program enables users to convert video files across several file formats for playback on popular mobile devices. It supports several input video file formats including AVI, MOV, SWF, MKV, and MPEG. This program also supports DVD file formats including VCD, DVD, KVCD, and SVCD, among others. WinAVI iPod/3GP/MP4/PSP Converter also features HD video support. Input video will be converted into playable file formats for various mobile devices. Output mobile devices include iPhone, iPod, iPad, and PSP. Users may also convert videos into 3GP or MP4 to enable playback on other devices.

WinAVI iPod/3GP/MP4/PSP Converter user interface features a grey window with six buttons that correspond to the six output file format choices. Choose any and the conversion dialog box will appear. To add files for conversion, click the Add Files button located on the upper left corner of the window. Added files show on the main window and may be re-ordered by the user using the up and down buttons at the upper right corner. Users may specify the Output folder path by clicking the Browse button at the bottom. Users may also choose among four Conversion Modes—Faster Conversion Speed, Smaller Output file, Better for TV-Out, and Custom. To initiate the conversion process, users can click the Start button at the bottom.