WinAVI DVD Ripper 1.4.2

ZJMedia Digital Technology Ltd. (Shareware)

WinAVI DVD Ripper is a utility application that facilitates common tasks related to optical media. These tasks include “ripping” files from a disk and saving them in a hard drive, “burning” files from a computer into a DVD, and converting executable files and multimedia content stored in ISO format into a version that can be accessed by a desktop computer user.

The program, which was developed by WinAVI Software Ltd, runs on all contemporary versions of the Windows operating system. Two variations of the application is available: one that can be downloaded from the Internet as a trial application, and another that can be purchased as a premium bundle that can be used out of the box.

Aside from the ability to do vital tasks necessary in moving files from one medium to another, WinAVI DVD Ripper can also convert the file formats of widely used audio and video extensions. For instance, audio tracks saved as MP3 can be converted as Windows Media Audio files and videos played as Audio Video Interleave file types can be changed into QuickTime videos, and vice versa. Images can also be converted, with support for many major file types such as JPEG, animated pictures, and Portable Network Graphics format. In addition to its file conversion capabilities, the program can also decrypt the contents of an encrypted disc.