Winamp Backup Tool 1.0

Winamp (Freeware)

Winamp Backup Tool is a utility used for backing up and restoring files from Winamp. Winamp is a multimedia player primarily used for playing songs and managing a music library. This backup tool, does not only create backups of audio files, it also creates backups of presets, plugins that are installed, registry data, and even libraries of icons.

The program’s main interface offers two choices for users – backup files or restore files/transfer files. Choose backup files for creating a backup file of all settings and files related to Winamp. Choose restore files/transfer files for restoring previously saved backups to Winamp. This can also be used for migrating Winamp files to a different computer. Users then have to choose a backup location for all the files. Winamp Backup Tool offers three modes for backing up. These are:

• Automatic Mode – In this mode, the program automatically backs up all the settings on winamp.
• Custom Mode – In custom mode, users can select the files to be backed up. The application remembers the backup settings when this mode is chosen.
• Previous Mode – For previous mode, the application makes use of the last backup settings for the next backup process.

After backing up the files, users are taken to the end window where users can choose to open the log file, open a backup folder, or run the Winamp program.