Winamp 5.34 PL

Radionomy (Freeware)

Winamp is a media player developed by Nullsoft and released on April 1997. However, the game is no longer managed by Nullsoft but by Radionomy. The program enables users to play music and movie files in a variety of environments including Android, Windows, and OS X. Supported music file formats include MPEG-1, MOD, MIDI, and MP3. Supported video file formats include FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, and WMA.  The program also features support for Ogg Vorbis. It comes with gapless playback support for both AAC and MP3 file formats. The program also offers a volume leveling feature, also known as ReplayGain.

Winamp features its own Media Library that enables users to organize their videos and music files. The Media Library user interface pane features various selectors: Video, Audio, frequency, and date, among others. Users can manage their audio and video files, as well as edit the metadata of specific media files. The program enables users to add track tags and album art. It also features a Podcatcher that allows users to capture RSS media feeds from media streaming sites.  

Winamp supports portable media players, as well as Mass Storage Compliant devices. The program can also sync with iPods when syncing unprotected audio files. It comes with a Media Monitor that enables users to browse the web and bookmark sites that allow streaming or download of media files. The media monitor comes pre-installed with the URLs of music and video blogs.