Winamax Poker

Winamax (Shareware)

Winamax Poker is a poker game client for Winamax accounts. It serves as a front-end interface that enables Winamax users to play poker straight from their desktops. The program only offers play money tournaments and ring games. It does not involve any real money. After registering, the player gets 50 play money chips. Reloading of accounta is possible twice a day.

The game offers two ways to play poker – Cash Games and Tournaments (Sit n’ Go). The Cash Game is similar to the typical “card or casino room” gameplay wherein the player can join and leave the table at any point. If the player loses all the chips, he/she can rebuy. In a Tournament game, the player pays a fixed fee at the start of the game. Also, all the players in a tournament game have the same number of chips. Unlike in a Cash game, losing all the chips eliminates the player from the tournament. The tournament continues until only one player is left.

Winamax Poker also features different types of poker games. In a Cash Game type, the player can choose from a No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot-Limited Omaha, or Limit Hold’em. In a Tournament, the player can choose from No Limit Texas Hold’em or Pot-Limited Omaha.