Win7codecs 3.8.9

Shark007 (Freeware)

Win7codecs is a video and audio codec package designed for Windows 7. The program is used in order for media players to recognize all types of audio and video codecs. Before installation, the program will remove codec releases in your computer system. After the installation, all the video and audio codecs will automatically be accessible to different media players such as Media Center and Windows Media Player. Users can choose to remove particular portions without having to remove the whole codec package. The removed portions can also be re-added when needed.

Win7codecs does not have a built-in media player. It also does not have associated file types. This codec package also supports video streaming in various formats in almost all websites. Users will also have the option what to install and where to install. The program features a Preview Pane that can be enabled or disabled anytime. Win7codecs also displays Explorer properties for non-native types of files like FLV and MKV. It also supports creation of playlist to be use in Media Center 10. This also allows users enable or disable codecs installed on a computer. A built-in functionality like Win7DSFilterTWeaker is also featured in this program. It also has support for “Add To Windows Media Player List” by simply right-clicking files.