Win-Stitch Color Chart Application 7.5

Ursa Software (Shareware)

WinStitch Color Chart Application was designed for the fast and efficient creation of cross-stitch color charts. With their preferred thread colors, users can develop the design on-screen using the mouse and develop them. This process would be similar as to what they would on the ordinary graphing paper typically used when making actual cross-stitch guides from scratch.

WinStitch also provides an option to automate the generation of charts. With this second option, users can input scanned photos or images into the interface, and the program will convert these into ready-to-stitch color charts. These charts can be customized as well. For example, the user will able to create charts in specific dimensions. These guides are also ready to print. The prints are well-detailed and easy to read especially when the larger size options are chosen for printing.

Once the design is on the screen, the user can make further modifications to make the chart and subsequent cross-stitching project more unique. The user can add text, removing or add background stitches, or use half-stitches to round off or smoothen the edges of the resulting cross-stitch. This application is also capable of creating designs for knitting, with provisions made for the usually larger threads used in this particular craft.