WiMAX Connection Manager

Intel Corporation (Freeware)

WiMAX Connection Manager enables users to choose or select the available network connection in their specific country or region. Furthermore, it gives users access to WiMAX or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, a communication application that can provide 30 to 40 megabytes per second of data rates.

There are different providers of the application depending on the area of the user. Some of the providers could be Mada, Banglalion, Qubee, and GDS Wimax connection manager. Users can connect to the Internet through a subscriber based connection by means of installing the utility. Before selecting a connection manager, users must know what the available Wimax connection in the area is, because the availability of the wireless connection depends upon the cellular or satellite towers. After selecting the corresponding network provider, the user can then put in the application and apply the given appropriate modem. The modem serves as a medium for connecting to the subscriber’s operator in order to connect to the Internet.

Wimax Connection Manager allows users to adopt a steady Internet connection. The application also varies with the kind of desktop or laptop that the users have. Users must first see the compatibility factors of the utility before downloading the application.