Will Fight for Food

Pyrodactyl (Proprietary)

Released in 2012, Will Fight For Food, developed by Pterodactyl Games is an dark horse role-playing game, dubbed by the creators as a “role-playing brawler”, where players assume the role of Jared, a pro-wrestler whose career was brutally ended when he lost the single most important match of his life. Now he roams the streets taking odd jobs from different people on his quest for closure and healing. Sometimes he is asked to beat people up, thus embodying the title Will Fight For Food.

Will Fight For Food features a variety of enemies for the player to engage with. Rabid, bear costume wearing cosplayers, super villains, the secret service, inter-dimensional beings, and mob bosses only name a few of Jared’s would-be enemies. The game’s graphics are cartoonish and somewhat similar to a Flash game. Though some players might be put off by this, the game’s other mechanics more than make up for what some might consider “simple” graphics. The game features non-linear gameplay by way of its very intricate conversation system. The player has various options on how and what to say to other characters in the game. The game also features what the developers call “a plot with a choice”. And of course, what would an RPG be without a decent inventory management system? The game integrates a well-designed, yet, simple interface for inventory management. Modders will also be happy to know that the game is very much open to modding support.