WildTangent Games App (Freeware)

The WildTangent Games App is a game manager that allows users to download over 2000 games from different game developers. Games that can be downloaded are developed by game companies, such as Popcap Games, Ubisoft, GameHouse, Disney, Playtrix Entertainment, and more. The application enables users to access all their downloaded games in one location. Users can also play games online using the program.

On the WildTangent Games App window, users can browse through the catalogue of games in different categories including action, adventure, puzzle, time management, strategy, and many more. Upon clicking on a title, users can see the description of the game together with the details and system requirements. One of the features of the WildTangent Games App is free rentals. These free rental games allow users to play the game without having to buy the entire game. Once the user decides to buy the game, a fraction of the cost paid for renting will be deducted from the full price. Renting games can be done with WildCoins, WildTangent’s online currency.

Some of the games that can be downloaded or rented using the program include the following:
Island Tribe
Hotel Mogul
Demolition Master 3D
Captain America: Shield of Justice
Gem Smashers