Wildlife Zoo - Marine World

B-Alive (Proprietary)

Wildlife Zoo - Marine World is the expansion pack for Wildlife Park 2, a business strategy game developed by B-Alive. This simulation game lets users decorate a wildlife park, build tourist attractions, modify the design of the park and its buildings and interiors. This add-on to the game allows players to add sea creatures to their wildlife zoo, including sharks and whales. The new additions to the park can be trained with the use of a variety of training devices, and the trained animals can be included in a wildlife shows in the zoo. This expansion pack provides users with 60 new ocean-themed features, including the following:

• New animals – there are over 20 aquatic creatures in this expansion pack, including a dragon eel, a leatherback turtle, a humpback whale, and a dolphin
• New attractions for visitors – players can offer tourists a ride on a larger-than-life swing boat, or an underwater tour in a submarine
• New structures – players can build a hotel, a seafood restaurant, and a cinema
• Animated elements – the wildlife park and underwater scenes can be designed with animated elements such as fountains, functional lighthouse, and sea anemone

Marine World lets players zoom into underwater scenes and see animals up close. Players are tasked to maintain the park and its establishments, entertain visitors, and make sure the animals are healthy and well-fed.