Wildlife Zoo

B-Alive (Proprietary)

Wildlife Zoo, also known as Wildlife Park 2, is a 3D simulation game in which the player is tasked to build and maintain a zoo while keeping a steady profit, making sure the animals are healthy, and creating attractions to make visitors happy. This game comes with two expansion packs, namely Crazy Zoo and Marine World. In this game, players take part in 20 missions around the world to gain access to almost a hundred plant and animal species. The different aspects of this game include:

• Animal care – players must see to the animals’ well-being, and must undertake the planning and supervision of meals and training sessions. In addition the player must also see to the medical care and relocation some animals may need.

• Animal housing – different animals live in different habitat types, and the player must make sure the houses and enclosures constructed are appropriate and safe for a particular animal.

• Zoo design and architecture – the layout of the zoo must be carefully planned to make sure that the best attractions are highlighted, and that visitors have access to facilities such as restaurants and other dining establishments. Players must also construct different structures and elements that will make the zoo more appealing to visitors. Wildlife Zoo also lets users create water fixtures such as streams and waterfalls.