Wild Wild Taxi

Primary Games (Freeware)

Wild Wild Taxi is a simple Flash racing game that users can play for free online. In the game, players must control a taxi on a highway. The goal is to get the taxi to reach the given distance within the time limit provided. The taxi can be controlled with just the keyboard. Users can press the left and right arrow keys in order to change lanes. The up key is used to accelerate and the down key is used to decelerate. The spacebar is used for jumping.

On the highway, there are cars on the lanes and the player must either switch on another lane to avoid them, or jump over them by pressing the spacebar. When the distance has been reached within the time limit, the player moves to the next level and a new distance and time limit will be displayed on the game window. The game does not stop between levels, so users must be alert. The player’s score, distance left, and time left are displayed at the upper left part of the game window. The game is over when the player fails to reach the goal distance within the time limit. Players can submit their score on the online rankings to see how they compare with other players around the world.