Wik And The Fable Of Souls

Reflexive Entertainment (Proprietary)

Wik And The Fable Of Souls is a computer game in which the player controls the main character named Wik. Wik is character who moves around by jumping and swinging on trees. He can also grab things with his long, frog-like tongue. The game has numerous levels in which Wik must grab hold of a certain number of grubs and give it to Slotham, his mule-like companion. Wik does this by reaching for a grub with his tongue and then spitting it out to the moving Slotham. Delivering the grubs to Slotham and overcoming the other challenges get more difficult as the player moves from one level to the next. The player must be careful of many enemy creatures and also avoid letting Wik fall into the gulf between platforms.

Users can choose to play in either Story Mode or Challenge Mode. In the first, players will follow the story The Fable of Souls and go through the levels; in the other, players will be tasked to solve a puzzle by making Wik move and do acrobatic tricks. The game features a demonstration of the tricks Wik can do. During the demo playback, a mouse appears to let the user know how to move the mouse to make Wik do the particular trick shown. Wik And The Fable Of Souls has 16 level sets; each set has 8 levels.