Wii Max Media Manager Pro

Codejunkies (Proprietary)

Wii Max Media Manager Pro is a program package that enables users to rip multimedia files and transfer these to the Wii using an SD card. With this application, photos, audio tracks, and videos may be converted into Wii-supported formats and transferred to the Wii console for playback. This application may be used to set a video’s aspect ratio, size, audio settings, and bitrate. This media manager is also able to encode the movies to fit in the available space on the SD card. In addition, DVD videos that are not copy-protected may be ripped directly onto the SD card.

Wii Max Media Manager Pro also enables users to subscribe to audio and video podcasts and download these directly to the computer. Users can make use of RSS for the automatic updates on the podcast feeds. Podcasts in video format are transcoded automatically to make these suitable for Wii console playback. One of the key features of this application is that it allows users to download game saves online and use these for Wii games. The downloaded saves may be saved as backup in the computer or shared with contacts as email attachments. Likewise, users may also exchange game saves with other users.

This program package comes with a card reader and a 1 Gb SD card for saving and transferring files to the Wii console.