WiFi Hopper 1.2

Divya Thakur (Shareware)

WiFi Hopper is a wireless LAN tool that enables users to do multiple IT and network tasks. It is designed for advanced users such as security professionals, wireless network administrators, computer engineers, and programmers. It comes with a comprehensive set of tools necessary for wireless networking, such as filters and built-in support for GPS. This application enables users to connect to unsecured networks directly.

WiFi Hopper has three main components, or features. These are:

• Security, Auditing, and Testing – with this feature, users can track wireless networks that are unsecured. Users can also look for the unauthorized access points that are causing interference in the user’s network, so the user will be able to act upon the issues accordingly. This application can be used as a testing tool to check and verify the functionality of wireless LAN drivers and hardware.

• Connection Manager – this tool has a network profile support that stores the user’s passwords to allow it to connect to networks automatically when available. In addition, its Network Hopping automatically connects to the open networks within the user’s area.

• Network Discovery and Site Survey – this application is able to display details such as encryption type, SSID, frequency, network mode, and other details pertaining to a network environment. It also comes with network filters to aid users in filtering out classes of networks. Additionally, this tool can be used to detect channel congestion.