WIDI Recognition System 4.1

WIDISOFT (Shareware)

The WIDI Recognition System is a complete audio solution developed by WIDISoft and released on October 2011. This program performs computer-assisted and automated music and audio transcription. Audio music files are loaded as input files to produce musical scores as output files. Audio file formats compatible for input in the WIDI Recognition System include MP3, WAV, and other CD track file formats. Resulting output files are saved as MIDI audio sequences. This program is especially useful for amateur or professional musicians.

The WIDI Recognition System feature several musical analysis tools like the Composition Analysis tool and the Real-time recognition module. This program also offers a Recognition Wizard that can detect various musical instruments including drums. This is the main tool used in a music transcription procedure. This application suite also comes with a batch convert tool enabling users to process multiple audio files simultaneously.

The WIDI Recognition System also includes a Truetone Editor tool that automatically corrects any errors in a transcription result. This function enables users to analyze the tuning and tonality of a particular musical record. This application is useful for those who are interested in musical training. It also enables users to create musical arrangements and print out musical scores for practice. MIDI output files may also be used as ringtones for mobile devices that support MIDI file format.