Widget Manager

Downtown Software House (Freeware)

Widget Manager is a preference pane program developed by Downtown Software House. A preference pane is a Mac OS X plug-in that enables users to set preferences for a certain program or a system. In this case, the preference pane is used for managing all types of Mac OS X widgets including the standard Apple Widgets. The program can be used to reveal widgets using the Finder function. There is also a built-in search field, which can be used to find lists of widgets. The built-in search field searches widgets as the user type.

Widget Manager is capable of opening widgets on a Dashboard. In addition, it also has a Reload function, which can be used for refreshing the widgets when something has gone wrong. The program also has the Trash and Disable functions. The Trash function is used for deleting widgets or moving them to the Trash bin. If deleting a certain widget is not an option, the Disable function can be used. This function will only stop the widget actions but not delete them from the system permanently. The Trash and Refresh functions of the program removes Dashboard display problems when removing widgets manually. The program can also display details about the widgets including the version number.