WideStream Team (Open Source)

WideStream is an FTP and download manager developed by the WideStream Team. Its main purpose is to increase download speed while providing ease of use. The program enables users to download multiple files simultaneously. Opening up to 20 connections for a single file is possible. The program provides accelerated download speed for each file.

WideStream offers several functionalities including:

• HTTP Protocol Support – The program offers support for HTTP Protocols. This supports extends to HTTP direct/indirect links, HTTP authorization, and HTTP redirection. Aside from this, it also supports download by ranges, which allows users to pause and resume downloads.
• Traffic Controls – WideStream also provides users with various traffic controls. These include controlling the limit of traffic bandwidth and priority downloads. Users can adjust these settings.
• Download Queue Management – The application provides users the ability to manage download queues for optimizing simultaneous downloads. Configuring the settings for a download queue is also possible, as well as freezing the download queue.
• Extensive Configuration Options – Users can configure the program for managing the download settings. These settings range from timeout settings, error handling, retry time, and prioritizing downloads. This download manager also offers support for clipboard, which enables users to copy links from a clipboard straight to the program.

Aside from these features, WideStream also offers extensive FTP support, configurable FTP/HTTP logs, Host Manager, and more.