Wicked Defense 1.0

Ixchel Studios (Freeware)

Wicked Defense is a real time strategy game where players’ main objective is to prevent monsters from reaching their destinations. This is done by putting up buildings or towers and casting spells which could make the enemies weaker or kill even a group of monsters. The strategies that the player can take advantage of includes the placing of the towers, how they upgrade the tower designs, and the set of spella they cast to strike the monster. These factors will determine whether a player will lose or win the game.

Wicked Defense features seven tower designs, each with unique and customizable tower range, firepower, fire rate, splash range, special abilities and other capabilities, which will allow the users to defeat the powerful monsters. It also features six different targeting designs, six different spell types, and eleven variety of monsters. The monsters have unique abilities like the power to heal other monsters, speed up their quests, clone other monsters and even subdivide into a number of monsters when killed. The game includes a Scenario and Script Editor, which gives advanced players the capability to build their own maps and customize the game based on their liking. The user interface makes use of 3D graphics and shows the score, level, cash, mana, and life points on the topmost portion of the screen.