WhoCrashed 4.01


WhoCrashed is a program used for checking for drivers that may have caused computer crash. This program is used for determining the main cause of computer. The program support different crash situations. This includes the blue screen of death, unexpected shutdown or reset of computer and sudden crash during booth phase. Aside from figuring out the cause of the crash, the application will also provide possible solution for the problem. The program works by analyzing the system’s crash dumps with a single click. After the analysis, it will then display the possible drivers that may have been the reason for the crash.

The application does not only provide suggestions for fixing the problem. It will also display online links that could further help troubleshoot whatever problems that may have been detected. There are different configuration options available in the program. These options provide a way for changing the aspects and behavior of the program. The configuration options are available in the Options menu under the Tools. There’s a setting for displaying the crash dump timestamps in local time rather than in GMT. An option to adjust the maximum number of shown analysis reports is also available. The application also offers an option for enabling symbol resolution.

Other available options available in this application include the following:

• Symbol Server URL
• Download missing symbols from symbol server, and
• Local symbol store path