WhiteSmoke (Proprietary)

WhiteSmoke is a writing program developed by WhiteSmoke and released in July 2012. WhiteSmoke is a program that combines spelling correction, grammar checking, and writing style correction. This program also includes a full-text translator and a multi-lingual dictionary. It also offers several writing templates encompassing numerous writing scenarios. It features not just academic writing templates but also medical, legal, and business writing templates.

WhiteSmoke features a sentence-processing model, which allows users to check their articles. The program then provides them a detailed scoresheet complete with improvement suggestions. Results are grouped according to Grammar mistakes, Spelling mistakes, and Stylistic Problems. WhiteSmoke also checks the articles even while they are being written. This program utilizes Natural Language Processing technology, which differs in part from typical grammar or sentence checking software or utilities found on common writing programs. Instead of rule-based analyses as employed by typical writing software, WhiteSmoke employs statistical analyses of real life mistakes.

WhiteSmoke features a tabbed user interface. There are four tabs that correspond to the main functions of the program. The Writer tab provides the instructions on how to use the program in coordination with another data entry software by pressing the F2 button or clicking the WhiteSmoke button. WhiteSmoke users may also type directly in the writing interface. The other tabs are for Translator, Dictionary, and Templates.