White Album 2

Aquaplus (Proprietary)

White Album 2 is a eroge visual novel game developed and published by Leaf. The introductory chapter of the visual novel game was released in 2010 while the closing chapter was released in 2011. The game is a duology of the Japanese adult novels. It is the direct sequel to the White Album visual novel. Like most visual novel games, White Album 2 follows a liner plot. It requires little interaction from the player as the player is mostly involved in reading the visual texts. The player interaction only takes place when clicking the mouse button to advance in the story. The game only has one ending to the story.

The game’s setting is the same as the first White Album novel. The introductory chapter occurs about 10 years after the first game while the closing chapter occurs three years after the introductory chapter. In this game, the player takes the role of Haruki Kitahara, a third year student at the Hōjō High. The story of the introductory chapter starts with the protagonist and his band co-member, Takeya Iizuka, having trouble with the band since all the other members have left. The story revolves around Haruki and Setsuna’s love story after Setsuna finally confesses to Haruki her feelings for him.