Whitaker's Words

Vishnu Menon (Freeware)

Whitaker's Words is a dictionary computer program that translates Latin words to English words. The range of information provided by this program includes word definitions as well as gender, tense, mood, case, and other morphological properties of words. This program was the creation of the late Ret. Col. William A. Whitaker of the US Air Force.

This utility functions as an automated Latin dictionary. The database of Whitaker's Words contains around 20,000 words in Latin. The program design makes it easy to look up words in English and Latin. This utility is also capable of the following:
• Saving the session as a text file
• “Meanings only” mode for a dictionary function
• Every word typed in is given morphological properties

Whitaker’s Words is an indispensable tool for Latinists. Whether amateur or professional, people who work with the Latin tongue can maximize the features of this utility to find the proper denotation of words. This is a useful instant-access tool for people who require translation of Latin terms and phrases. It is easy enough for everyday use even for those who only want to learn the meaning of Latin phrases and slogans that they encounter.

Whitaker's Words runs on many different systems including DOS, Mac OSX (as a console program), Linux, and Windows.