Whisper 32

Shaun Ivory (Freeware)

Users will be familiar with the nightmare of losing passwords, or forgetting them. A typical user nowadays will have several accounts on many different platforms that perform different functions. Possibly, a user may have more than one email account, one for personal use and another for professional use. Managing all these passwords can sometimes become a great big mess that can lead to confusion between accounts. And for most services, when incorrect passwords are inputted for more than a certain allowable number of times, the user is blocked from his or her account.

To avoid this, a man named Shaun Ivory has developed Whisper 32. Whisper 32 is a program developed to manage and contain passwords in a central vault for safekeeping. The program has a simple and easy to use interface which is crucial in eliminating the account and password confusion. With the program, users can also generate passwords. The users can set a specific set of instructions to the program dictating what character types it is allowed to use in password generation.  Whether it be a long or short password containing all caps or only small caps, the program is highly flexible for this purpose. The program also sets reminders for the users to change their passwords regularly, setting an expiry date for the passwords.