Wheel of Fortune Deluxe

Sony Pictures Digital Networks Inc. (Proprietary)

Wheel of Fortune Deluxe is a computer game based on the American television game show Wheel of Fortune, in which players are tasked to guess a word or phrase through spinning a wheel and providing letters. A phrase or word is given showing the number of letters and the category to which it belongs. Players then spin a wheel that contains equivalent cash prizes or bonuses. When it stops, the player can then identify a consonant. If it is in the puzzle, the player earns the amount of money indicated in the wheel wedge. The number is multiplied by the number of times the letter appears in the puzzle word or phrase.

If the player is successful in identifying a consonant within the puzzle, he or she will get the chance to spin the wheel again, guess the phrase, or buy a vowel. The player loses his or her turn when the consonant identified is not in the puzzle, or if the wheel points to “Lose Turn” or “Bankrupt,” in which the player also loses the money earned.

There are three game modes in Wheel of Fortune Deluxe: Group Play, Puzzle of the Day, and Road Trip. Each game has four rounds. Players must have as much money as possible at the end of the last round to be able to play the bonus round.