WhatsMyComputerDoing 1.07

ITSTH (Freeware)

Released by ITSTH, WhatsMyComputerDoing is a program that strengthens the security protocols of a user’s computer system. This software that helps workers gain an inside view into the different processes that are being run by their computers, in addition to increasing system security. Many processes are operating even if no applications have been opened by the user. WhatsMyComputerDoing helps people identify these processes while identifying any potential viruses or other forms of malicious software. The program also has the ability to detect any type of spyware program that may currently be in the system.

The interface of the WhatsMyComputerDoing application is simple. When the application is launched, all of the running programs are arranged on the top part of the interface. Aside from showing the processes that are running, the program also identifies their location. When the user clicks on the program, additional information about a particular process will be displayed. Some of the related information that can be shown by the program includes the application name, installation date, modification dates (if any), product name, and application version. The program also detects any problems with legitimate applications and informs the user of these issues, in addition to its ability to detect malicious software.