NirSoft (Freeware)

WhatInStartup is a utility that shows all the list of applications that are launched as soon as the Windows system starts up. The program does not need to be installed in the computer for it to function. Users can just click on the executable file to launch the main window. When the program is launched, it automatically displays all the names of the start-up applications. Other information is displayed, too. Users can view the type of program, command line string, version of the file, name of the product, its location in the registry, and other important information regarding the application.

Users can then select programs from the list to disable them during system start-up or delete them from the system. Disabling some programs can make the computer boot up faster. One of the main features of the WhatInStartup application is Permanent Disabling. There are some programs that are added back to the startup list even after they are disabled. The Permanent Disabling feature tracks these types of programs and detects when they are added back to the startup list. As a result, the program automatically disables the programs again. WhatInStartup is also capable of displaying the startup items on an external instance of Windows.