WetSock 4.A3

Robomagic Corp (Shareware)

WetSock is a program that brings weather conditions for a certain location straight to the user’s desktop. The computer must be connected to the Internet in order for the program to work. Upon installation, the application’s icon sits on the system tray where it can be accessed to view temperatures and weather forecasts. When users want to view details regarding the weather, the icon can just be clicked to bring up the main interface of the program.

On the program’s main window, users can select a location from the available list. There is plenty of information available on the main window including the observation time, sky conditions, and precipitation levels. There are also location coordinates (longitude, latitude, and elevation), as well as cloud cover information. Apart from the basic information, users can also view the temperature, humidity, wind, visibility, wind chill, and dew point for a certain location.

Here are the other key features of the WetSock application:

• Supports monitoring of more than one location
• Capable of showing the weather conditions in over 3,000 locations around the world
• Provides accurate and detailed weather forecasts that are easy to understand
• Can be set to check for weather updates at a time specified by the user
• Supports weather conditions for 200 countries