Sandlot Games (Shareware)

Westward: Heroes of the Frontier is a western-themed puzzle game developed by the company, Sandlot Games. The sequel to Westward, this game is set in a fictitious town called Hope River, which has been completely destroyed. The former residents are forced to leave Hope River and search for a new home. The player assumes the role of one of the town’s pioneers, who are tasked to relocate the refugees to new areas, which will be subject to development and expansion. According to the refugees, a “Mad Russian” named Dr. Vostrikov are on a mission stop the pioneers from expanding their new land.

The game kicks off with the player controlling a hero, who uses only gold and wood to expand the city. Every time a goal is met, the player earns rewards, and new characters pop up as the plot unfolds further. The two featured cities in Westward II are named Gunslinger Gulch and Oxbow Bend, both of which have a variety of residential and commercial structures to unlock. Apart from developing the infrastructure of the city, the player must also protect its inhabitants and keep them happy. The game’s Sandbox mode features two modes: Disaster Challenge and Open Range. The former comes with various calamities like earthquakes and hurricanes, while the latter give the player access to all types of buildings from the start of the game.