Wendy’s Wellness

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Wendy’s Wellness is a time management in which players are tasked to help Wendy manage her wellness center. The last wellness center in Wendy’s hometown has closed, and she and her friends have nowhere to go to work out. She then decides to open her own, and starts with a basic wellness center. With the players’ help, she begins to build it up and improving facilities such as workout machines. Eventually, she is able to develop a chain of ten wellness centers equipped with the latest, top-of-the line facilities.

As a time management game, players must be able to cater to customers’ needs as soon as possible by getting the best equipment, hiring employees and trainers, and making sure facilities and equipment are always available for customers who want to work out or refresh and relax after their gym training. There are 50 levels to play in the game, 30 upgrades for facilities and equipment, and 12 unlockable VIP mini-games. The mini-games include a memory game, a boxing game, a response time game, a balance test, and a bingo game.

Wendy’s Wellness is easy to play and has a user-friendly interface. The game screen shows the goal amount at the top portion, along with the current savings, hearts or likes given by customers, the time left in the level, and a menu button.