WellGet Application

Wang Peng (Freeware)

WellGet is a stand-alone download manager. It is a program specializing in downloading information from the Internet to the PC. Like other download managers, it can be used to perform downloading from many sources more efficiently than built-in download browser downloaders. As a dedicated application, this download manager facilitates complete, uninterrupted, and accurate downloads. The program contains a pause-and-resume option. It also allows users to organize downloaded files according to categories. Though it shares download attributes with similar applications, download speed is significantly better than most others.

WellGet can also download streaming media through HTTP, FTP RSTP, and MMS protocols. It has the ability to juggle up to 20 downloads at a time, including large files, without compromising the download speed. Music and video files can be previewed while they are being downloaded so the user can inspect downloads in progress and stop downloads if preferred.  

Below are some of the features of WellGet in detail:

• It can divide downloadable data, including software data, into more than 100 parts for faster downloading.
• It has the ability to significantly shorten protocol conversation, enabling greater performance and speed.
• It supports batch downloads.
• It uses buffer technology that helps protect the hard disk during the download process.