Weight Map Brush DS4

DAZ 3D (Proprietary)

Weight Map Brush DS4 is a graphic design plug-in developed by DAZ 3D. The plug-in is one of the several plug-ins offered in Content Creator Toolkit for DAZ Studio 4 and DAZ Studio users. Artists utilizing DAZ Studio 4.x Pro versions do not need to purchase Content Creator Toolkit because the plug-in set comes with the main program’s installer.

Weight Map Brush DS4 works in painting weight-maps necessary for promoting depth and detail that make the design more realistic. It utilizes various tools to customize the effect on figures for better 3D effects.

Complete customization is possible using four editing modes on weight-maps. They are considered as brushes for this version of program. Four modes include smooth brush, paintbrush, sphere gradient, and directional gradient. They are used in flooding or smoothing polygons to configure on the design. The plug-in lets artists control their project accordingly with its polygon selection, locking, and visibility, better control contributes to faster project completion and artist convenience.

Weight normalization and other settings are easy to configure with the plug-in considering its additional tool. It has weight filtering and automatically normalizes weight-maps on specific parts of the figure.
Weight Map Brush DS4 simplifies the process by allowing copy/paste commands on weights. Symmetry mode is applied across the axis set on the project. Function is not limited to weight-maps as it also supports rigidity maps for superb detailing on the figure.