WeGame Client, Inc. (Freeware)

WeGame Client is the official software client for the WeGame website. This software allows users to record their victories on selected computer games and then share it with fellow game enthusiasts. The player needs to setup the hotkey for starting and stopping the game recording. The recording works in the background and the player needs to press the hotkey to start it. The video record of the game is in AVI format and can be edited using popular video editor programs.

Once the game videos have been recorded and then edited using third party video editing software, the videos can then be recorded to the WeGame website. This requires a user account that the user can register for free. The settings page on the main interface allows the user to define the destination folder for the recorded game video. This can be set by typing the file directory path or by using the browse button. The record hotkey assigned by the user is also displayed as well as a dropdown menu for Record FPS and enabling sound recording. There are two (2) modes for recording: Web recording and HD recording. The main difference is in the quality. The Web recording is geared towards basic gaming videos and is good for slower computers. HD recording, on the other hand, is geared towards high-end computers as it records using high video resolution and quality.