WeFi (Freeware)

WeFi is a program that enables users to manage their wireless internet connection. This program was designed for use with laptop computers and lets it connect to any available network automatically. WeFi comes with a variety of features that lets users configure their Wi-Fi connections and assists in accessing hotspots from anywhere around the globe.

WeFi’s interface has organized tabs that perform a specific action. First is the “Network” tab that gives the user access to all available networks. The user can view details on each available connection such as the network name, network category, connectivity, connection status, and signal strength. Users can view wireless connections into categories such as Favorite connections, Approved WeSpots, and Any Wifi. Users can disconnect their current connection and switch to another one in this tab. The next tab is the “My Profile” tab, which let users connect to WeFi using their Facebook account username and password. This tab also displays the user’s information, such as the name, gender, birthday, hometown, and current location. WeFi’s third tab is the “Wi-Fi Maps” which allows the user to search for Wi-Fi hotspots in the immediate area. This function displays a map marked with hotspot icons. WeFi can filter the search by only showing WeFi Premium Hotspots. In addition, WeFi also has a “Premium” and “Settings” tab used for advanced configurations.