Wedding Salon

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Wedding Salon is a time management game wherein users are tasked to manage a wedding salon. The user takes control of Holly, a young lady who must manage different wedding stores around the world and prepare for her own wedding, too. Players must direct customers to different stations around the store. Some of the stations allow users to play mini-games, such as choose a pattern for the wedding dress, select the best earrings, or make a cake that the customer wants. Customers must be attended to before all their hearts diminish. Once all their hearts are gone, they leave the store without paying. Chaining of actions gives the player more points. This can be done by attending to customers of the same gender one after the other.

Money collected for the customers can be used to upgrade the store. Some of the upgrades include better store furniture, assistants for some of the stations, or an upgraded coffee machine. The game offers 70 levels spread across 10 wedding shops in different locations. The game has only one difficulty level. However, players can try to get expert points for each level by managing the salon wisely and not letting customers wait in line too long.