Wedding Dash 2 - Rings Around the World

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Wedding Dash 2, also known as Rings Around the World, is the second game in the Wedding Dash series of time management games. It follows the story of Quinn, a wedding planner who desires to make it to the top in the wedding industry. In this game, players help Quinn create fabulous weddings and make sure things run perfectly. Quinn would get to visit beautiful locations around the world in order to make her clients’ dreams come true. As a time management game, players need to make sure all of the requests of the bride and the groom are fulfilled and executed perfectly, while making sure that nothing goes amiss during the wedding celebrations.

Wedding Dash 2 features a couple of special participants: Flo, from the Diner Dash series of games, and Joe Wright, one of the best wedding photographers in the world. During the wedding, players must be able to handle everything, from making sure guests are seated, to saving the cake from toppling, to preventing bridesmaids from fighting among themselves.

There are two game modes and 50 levels to play in the game. Throughout the story, players would have to help Quinn deal with various characters and mishaps to make sure the wedding goes as planned within a set time, and that everyone is happy, especially the newlyweds.