Wedding Dash 2

ImaginEngine (Shareware)

WeddingDash2 is a strategy game concerning weddings and wedding planning. The player may be represented by Joe Wright, the wedding photographer, or Quinn, the game’s wedding planner. The game’s objective is for the player to assist the groom and bride in their wedding planning including all details that concern it, and to avoid all possible disasters that go along with it.

In the game, Quinn is asked by Mr. Big (who is a world hotel chain owner) to be part of a wedding planner competition whose emerging winner will be his daughter’s wedding planner for her own wedding. A total of five picturesque locations are presented in the game which include Amazon’s Rainforest, a Finnish ice resort, an Arabian desert, a Thai royal resort, and the Niagara Falls. Game challenges include Quinn finding out that the wedding photographer (Joe) has been smitten by Mr. Big’s daughter, and that a fellow competitor is cheating in the wedding planner competition. One of the things that must also be accomplished in the game is to ensure that the player is able to take pictures of wedding guests. The “Endless Reception” mode requires the player arrange the wedding to last the longest it can to avoid the groom from getting angry and turning into “Groom Kong”. Game over happens when the groom is turned into “Groom Kong.”