Spidersoft (Shareware)

WebZIP is an application that enables users to download a website or components of a website. This allows the user to access the contents of a site, even if the computer is not connected to the Internet. All web pages can be categorized according to project. All the projects can be accessed from the left panel of the main window. Users can also view the web pages that are currently downloading. The application’s main window comes with its own address bar that can be used to access websites. One of the main features of the application is that it is capable of saving websites in a zip file, which makes it easier to share with friends and contacts.

The application provides a wide variety of settings that can allow users to customize their experience of using the program. On the main window, different categories can be found at the left side. These include the pages, projects, and even the local files that are stored in the computer. More of the program’s features are as follows:

• Project Editor – The program’s project editor allows the user to have complete control over the contents of the website to download.
• Web Content – The application is capable of downloading all contents of the site including sounds and images.
• HTML-Help – The program also comes with a tool for creating HTML-Help file.