GARMIN Corp. (Freeware)

WebUpdater is a program that allows users to make updates on their Garmin GPS systems. Users must connect the Garmin GPS to the computer and run the program to install the updates. WebUpdater automatically searches for the necessary updates and installs them on the Garmin GPS. The program first looks for updates for itself before searching for updates for the GPS system. The screen prompts guide the user through the installation process. WebUpdater connects with the Gamin server on the Internet in order to find the updates for the Garmin GPS device.

Users don’t have to provide Garmin GPS models when working with the program. WebUpdater automatically detects the model once the device is connected to the computer. The program is capable of searching for updates for Garmin GPS devices, such as handheld GPS devices, radars, weather solutions, sports GPS devices, and many more. The application does not support Pocket PC and Palm devices, as well as discontinued Garmin GPS products like marine units and chart plotters.

Garmin GPS works with 12 parallel channel receivers that make navigation accurate. The system works accurately on an average of 15 meters. The WebUpdater application makes sure that the Garmin GSP readings are as accurate as possible.