WebStorm 6

JetBrains s.r.o (Shareware)

WebStorm is a comprehensive IDE or Integrated Design Environment for developers who create sites and applications using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript programming languages. It fast-tracks the development process with features such as auto-completion, code notification in real-time, tools for refactoring JavaScript, and so on. With WebStorm, the developer can access programming code from a variety of sources, including existing folders in a computer, FTP servers, and source-control systems. Code analysis on a batch of code stings is also possible, as is the inspection and validation of said information.

This IDE has full-featured coding assistance for various language combinations like those using HTML within strings programmed with JavaScript. Using code snippets, along with integrated code refactoring features, also allow more efficient coding. WebStorm also facilitates convenient debugging as its language-specific inspection processes display problems found prior to the user opening the browser. It also supports a number of sophisticated technologies, such as:

• TypeScript – syntax highlighting, real-time error checking, and completion of code.
• LESS Support – integrates code insight involving mix-ins.
• Sass Stylesheets – support for definition of custom functions, as well as renaming and completion. Nested properties are also a notable feature.
• Live Edit – includes live editing of HTML5 code.
• Included HTTP Server – instant code viewing and debugging without the need for server setup.