WebSite X5 10

Incomedia - (Shareware)

WebSite X5 is a development program used for creating websites. Developed by Incomedia, the program is available in four editions – Free, Home, Compact, and Evolution. Aside from creating websites, the program is also used for creating online shopping carts, digital albums, blogs, and interactive presentations. All the projects created using WebSite X5 comes with a web-like structure with organized menus.

WebSite X5 features different layouts with each page containing various objects such as galleries, texts, images, audio, videos, email forms, and more. It also offers image editing tools allowing users to edit images straight from the program. Aside from this, the program also provides various tools for creating 3D buttons, graphics customization, language choice, and other website elements.

The program offers a wizard-like process, which guides users throughout the project creation. It starts with the user defining the type of project to be created followed by a 5-step procedure which consists of the following:

1. General Settings – This step allows the user to define the general and basic details of the project.
2. Sitemap Creation – This step is used for constructing the hierarchical structure of the project.
3. Page Creation – This is the step where users work on each of the pages of the website.
4. Advanced Settings – The Advanced Settings step is used for defining the style and other advanced aspects of the website.
5. Export – After all the elements of the website have been defined, the final step is exporting and publishing the project on the Internet.