Aignesberger Software GmbH (Shareware)

WebSite-Watcher is an application used in monitoring changes and updates in users’ favorite websites. A website’s two most recent versions are saved to the hard disk, and text are highlighted when the program detects changes in the chosen website. Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer export and import, as well as integration are supported by the program. Monitoring web pages only takes a matter of minutes.

Users first have to specify which websites to monitor. A built-in Check-Macro functionality records logins to pages which are password protected. Forums’ replies and new topics can be monitored. Forums that can be used with the program include IPB, SMF, phpBB, and vBulletin. A backup/restore feature enables downloaded files, bookmarks, and settings to be backed-up and restored. The application is also able to monitor local files, binary files, RSS-feeds, newsgroups, single pages, as well as whole websites. Users can also do permanent archiving of pages, bookmark files synchronization, work with searches, reports, and other checked pages. Creation of filters and checking of web pages can both be done manually or automatically. A synchronize feature enables bookmarks found between computers to be synchronized. The program can be configured to send emails, play a specific sound, or open a changed page using another program in instances of detected updates.