3S - Smart Software Solutions GmbH (Shareware)

WebServer is a tool that is part of the CoDeSys Automation Suite developed by the company3S - Smart Software Solutions GmbH. This utility is also called CoDeSys WebServer. The technical specifications of this tool classify it as a type of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition or Human Machine Interface product, also abbreviated as SCADA/HMI. This tool works in conjunction with the rest of the applications under the CoDeSys Automation Suite and also with CoDeSys Control a platform-independent runtime system.

WebServer is one of the primary components of CoDeSys and has a specific function within the program. It is utilized as part of the program’s services, which include CoDeSysControlService and 3SRTESrv3. For CoDeSysControlService, it is used to handle HTTP connections through the TCP port 8080.

Because WebServer is a part of the CoDeSys Automation Suite, it is essential to know what this program does. It is a type of application that is considered to be an independent IEC 61131-3 development system. It is designed for Windows-based computers, and is associated with the creation and programming of controller utilities. This program provides users with the ability to operate and develop several controller applications. Furthermore, CoDeSys Automation Suite supports many standard programming languages.