Limit Point Software (Freeware)

WebSentinel is a program that lets Mac users monitor the content of specified webpages for search terms. To monitor pages, users drag and drop target URLs to the program’s list window. URLs may also be added using the application’s Current Browser URL button. In the next step, users will type in the Search Terms column the terms or keywords they want to look for in those pages.

Users can monitor the pages manually or they can configure the application to do so periodically or at a scheduled time. Creating a schedule involves selecting the items for searching and clicking the Date-Time button to set the monitoring schedule. Users can choose to specify a repetition time, such as repeat every two hours. Once the schedule is set, users can click the Start button to run the utility. The search results are shown in the log pane and saved to the console log file with a name WebSentinel.log in the Library’s Logs directory, or in the WebSentinel program folder. The console log may be opened by choosing Open Console on the File drop down menu or by clicking the Console button in the list window.

The application can be configured to send email notifications to report the search terms found. The email client will send out the email as the user to the user’s own email. This utility can also be set to stop monitoring a page when the specified search terms are found.