WebReaper (Freeware)

WebReaper is a program that downloads objects on websites so that they can be accessed even if the user is offline. It is also known as a web spider or crawler. Downloaded objects (photos, text, and full pages) can be opened using popular web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

The application works by downloading objects from a URL the user supplies on the program interface. Upon clicking on the Go button, the program searches the web page for elements that can be downloaded. The list of sub-links for a particular web page will be displayed on the main window. The program does this process repeatedly until there are no more objects left to download from the supplied web page. Users can also apply filters to the search so that the program downloads specific types of files only.

Other features of the WebReaper application are the following:

• Users can create profiles with different download configurations
• Built-in filter wizard to guide users through the process of filtering downloads
• Drag and drop feature so users can drag links straight to the application’s window
• Support for command line operation
• Support for website and proxy authentication