Serif Inc (Proprietary)

WebPlus is a program that enables users to build websites easily, as it does not require knowledge of HTML or other Web technologies in order to be utilized. With this application, users will be able to design, build, and upload websites with ease. Users can create as many websites and as many pages as they want, design graphics and banners to put on their sites, and embed videos and photos with simple drag and drop tools. This application will handle all of the coding so users can focus on designing and creating the website they want.

This application makes use of WYSIWYG editing to enable users to add and position links, images, and text as these would appear on the finished page or site. Beginners can make use of pre-designed websites that contain placeholder text; they can simply replace the text with their own content. The templates are fully customizable and users can add navigation bars, images, buttons, and their own color schemes. There are also drawing tools for making and editing web graphics, icons, and buttons.

Users can preview the site in an integrated web browser prior to uploading the site using the built-in file transfer protocol or FTP. WebPlus will automatically publish the site in HTML5, which also makes it compatible with tablets and other mobile devices.